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Eligibility for Direct Assistance

§ 20.300   Who qualifies for Direct Assistance under this subpart?

To be eligible for assistance or services under this part, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

(a) Meet the definition of Indian as defined in this part;

(b) Not have sufficient resources to meet the essential need items defined by the Bureau standard of assistance for those Bureau programs providing financial payment;

(c) Reside in the service area as defined in §20.100; and

(d) Meet the additional eligibility criteria for each of the specific programs of financial assistance or social services in §§20.301 through 20.516.

[65 FR 63159, Oct. 20, 2000, as amended at 66 FR 15030, Mar. 15, 2001]


 Emergency Assistance

§ 20.329   When can the Bureau provide Emergency Assistance payments?

Emergency Assistance payments can be provided to individuals or families who suffer from a burnout, flood, or other destruction of their home and loss or damage to personal possessions. The Bureau will make payments only for essential needs and other non-medical necessities.

§ 20.330   What is the payment standard for Emergency Assistance?

The approved payment will not exceed the Bureau's maximum Emergency Assistance payment standard established by the Assistant Secretary.

General Assistance Flow Chart:  General Flow Chart

General Assistance Application:  GA_Application_Packet04-15-08.pdf

Child Only Assistance Flow Chart: 
Child Flow Chart

Welfare Assistance Application, Child Only:  Welfare_Assistance_Child_Only_Application.pdf

Burial Assistance Flow Chart:  Burial Flow Chart

Burial Assistance Application:  Burial_Assistance_Application.pdf

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