Welcome to the Native Village of Barrow

     The Native Village of Barrow (NVB) considers its employees to be its most valuable asset.   NVB selects employees to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a job within the Northernmost Iñupiaq Traditional Government of the United States.  NVB upholds the unique history and culture of the Iñupiaq People who have resided in the Arctic from time immemorial.  The Iñupiaq People have survive in one of the harshest environments in the world, subsisting off of the land, in tune with nature.  It is this strong cultural historical connection to our forefathers of Native Village of Barrow, who believed in self-governance and self-sufficiency, as an employee of NVB, Quyanaq for supporting and continuing this strong tradition of carrying on our Kiŋuniipta, our familiesí, legacy into the technological era of the 21st Century.